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At Business Web Marketing we deliver SCORM standard Online Learning Platforms, eLearning content development tools and bespoke eLearning content design for CPD, primary and secondary education.

Learning Platforms

Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) or Personal Learning Environments as they are also known provide students and staff with an online environment where they can access eLearning resources and collaborate online with tutors and peers. The addition of communication tools within our VLE solutions addresses the need for technology to enable a more effective Constructivist rather than Behaviourist approach to learning.

Applying Web 2.0 principles and built to BECTA and SCORM standards, our learning platform is a contemporary, accessible solution that is effective, easy to implement and manage.

eLearning Content Development Tool

Our eLearning Content Development Tool enables tutors and teachers to create engaging, interactive, Flash learning resources that can be run via your intranet, Learning Platform, Website or CD ROM. Designed to be very easy to use, the tool requires only a basic understanding of IT in order to produce truly effective learning content that will run effectively within any SCORM conformant learning platform. What's more, because it is an online solution, users can collaborate online to combine their expertise in the creation of learning resources.

Bespoke eLearning Development

For schools and companies that only require a small volume of digital learning resources, or just don't have the time to create their own content, Business Web Marketing can create bespoke learning resources. With access to a large network of teachers in compulsory education and business specialist resources on virtually any subject can be delivered.

Our solutions are typically built in Flash, include a wide variety of multimedia (video, audio and animation), multiple assessment types and, if you need it to run within your learning platform, we will build it to SCORM standards