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About BWM

Business|Web|Marketing is an internet solutions company in South Wales that delivers exemplary projects across a wide range of Web services and for a wide range of budgets. Our services include: Web Design, Search Engine Optimisation and Online Marketing, Web Accessibility Consultancy, Branding, Video Promotions and eLearning solutions, which we deliver to clients across the UK.

While the company employs very high standards of website design and applications development, we recognise that what our clients really need are to meet their objectives in the form of reduced costs, increased revenue and improved service.

With this in mind, all our projects are based on a detailed analysis of our clients' businesses, a clear understanding of what they do and how they do it. We build a picture of your products and services, market segmentation, market positioning, brand values and service standards. We measure the financial and human resources you have in place to develop and manage an online solution to identify the returns needed from the project to turn a profit.

Armed with this knowledge, we define and deliver solutions that are aligned with our clients' goals, setting clear objectives to bring you a return on investment to help you make the most of the web for your business growth.

If you would like to see greater returns from the internet, please contact us for an initial, free of charge consultation, which will aim to add immediate value to your business without obligation.